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What do Muslims believe about Allah?
they believe that he sent many prophets into the world, but that Muhammad was the last, and the greatest of Allah's prophets
Where and when was Muhammad born?
he was born in the Arabiam city of mecca in 570CE.
When did Muhammad's father and mother die?
father-died before he was born
mother-died when he was 6 years old
As a young man Muhammad worked as a what?
he worked as a camel driver and then as a trader
Although Khadijah was ___ years older than Muhammad she still ask him to marry her
15 years older
During a long and happy marriage they had how many children?
6 children
4 daughters
2 sons
Although Muhammad believed in one God, many people in Mecca worshipped ________
The idols that people worshipped were made of _______, _______ or _________ and kept in the ________
stone, wood or clay and kept in the Ka'bah
Where did the shrine stand?
in the centre of Mecca, as it still does today
The people of Mecca believed that the Ka'bah was originally built by who?
The holiest part of the Ka'bah is the what?
Black Stone, which Muslims believe was given by Allah to Abraham
An oval stone set in the corner of the Ka'bah in Mecca; it is believed to have come down from Allah to Abraham and his son, Isma'il
Black Stone
The cube-shaped shrine which stands in Mecca; visited by millions of pilgrims during Hajj
The birthplace of Muhammad in present-day Saudi Arabia; the holiest city to Muslims
During his _____ visit to the cave he recieved his first message from Allah
fifth visit
When Muhammad was _____ years old he began to recieve visions from the Angel Gabriel
40 years old
The angel told him __ times to read out what he saw
3 times,Muhammad could neither read nor write
The Angel squeezed him hard __ times and Muhammad found that he could speak the words
3 times hard
What was put together to form the holy book of Islam?
Muhammads revelations that he recieved from Allah
What do Muslims believe about the Koran?
that it is the true word of Allah
Muhammad insisted that the people should stop what
worshipping the idols in the Ka'bah and start to worship the one true God
After 13 years trying to convince the people of Mecca that the one true God, Allah had spoken to him , he left the city with his family and some of his followers to travel to ____________
The city was later renamed ______ and it is now the second holiest city in Islam after Mecca
The journey to __________ is the most impotant event in Islam
It is called_________(migration) and took place in 622
There is a special niche in every mosque, called a _________, which believers face when they are praying
How did Abu Bakr, Muhammads friend announced that he was had died?
"Muhammad was a man. Muhammad is dead. God is alive, immortal"
The annual pilgrimage to Mecca and other holy places which all Muslims are expected to undertake at least once in thier lives
The journey of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medinah in 622CE.;the Islamic calender starts from this date
The city that welcomed Muhammad and his followers in 622CE after he left Mecca
The niche in one wall of a mosque to indicate the direction of Mecca
The ninth month of the Islamic calender; during this month all Muslims must fast from daybreak unitl sunset
When and where was Marcus Garvey born
in Jamaica,17 August 1887
Rastafarians today look at Garvey as a ______ __________ and his ideas form the _________of their faith
black prophet, basis
Garveys education ended at ______,he spaent most of his hours where?
14,reading literatur in his father's library.
Which group did garvey find?
Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)to improve the conditons of black people around the world
Garvey left Jamaica for the USA in
The country trated people poorly because they were _______
Tje infamous ________ was stirring up racial hatred, with white mobs takinthe law into their own hands by lynching black people
KKK-Klu Klux Klan
the UNIA's newspaper,the _________, had the ___________________
Negro World, largest circulation of any black newspaper
What did Garvey strongly argue about?
that the continent of Africa should be free from all white rule
What did Garvey tell black people everywhere?
"Up, you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will
In 1922 Garvey was charged in the USA for what an how long?
fraud, five years
Who and when founded the People's Political Party (PPP)
Marcus Garvey in 1928
Garvey spent his last years in where?
When and at what age did Garvey die
14 June 1940 and he was 52
What was Marcus Garvey honoured as?
the first natioinal hero of Jamaica