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What does PNS stand for???
Perhipheral Nervouse system
What does the cell body do
contains nucleus and cytoplasm to sustain and coordinate the cell
What are the 5 main components of the reflex arc
receptor, sensory neuron, inter nueron, motor neuron, and the effector
What is Action Potential?
Rapid reversal of charge across the axon membrane
What is the depolarization phase?
neuron is stimulated enough to cause NA+ gates to open, causing a rush of NA+
Summation is......
the sum effect of all neurotransmitters acting on a neuron
what do inhibitory transmitters do?
Cause K+ to leak out hyperpolarizing the membrane
what is the synapse
space between a neurons axon and its target also called synaptic cleft
what is a nuerilema
it is a protective membrane that helps in regeneration of a nueron
In a resting membrane are more channels/pores open to the K+ ions?