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If two outcomes are mutually exclusive, the probability that either will occur is their ______. This is known as the ______________ rule.

Addition rule.

Example: the probability that we will roll either a 3 or a 4 is 1/6+1/6 = 1/3
If two outcomes are independent, the probability that both will occur is their _________. This is known as the ______________ rule.

Multiplication rule.

Example: the probability that we will roll two sixes on a pair of dice (at once) is 1/6x1/6 = 1/36.
_____________ crosses are when two traits or characteristics are observed or tested at once.
A heterozygous tall, green pea plant can create __________ unique gametes.
If both traits follow simple dominance, than the F2 from a dihybrid cross of two pure breeding parents will show this phenotypic ratio ...
9 : 3 : 3 :1

If parents AABB x aabb, then F2 will be:
9 A_B_: 3 A_bb: 3 aaB_: 1 aabb
The chromosome theory of inheritance is
a unifying theory stating that inheritance patterns may be generally explained by assuming that genes are located in specific sites on chromosomes.
Complete linkage is
the state in which two loci are so close together that alleles of these loci are virtually never separated by crossing over.
The exchange of chromosome parts between homologues by breakage and reunion of DNA during prophase I of meiosis is known as
crossing over
The masking of the phenotypic effect of alleles at one gene by alleles of another gene is known as