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Skeletal System is primarily composed of 2 highly specialized connective tissue:
Bone and Cartilage
What is the the function of skeletal system
body support
blood cell production
what is the function of the digestive system?
Alters the chemical and physical composition of food, so that it can be absorbed and used by the body cells.
Function is the oxygenation of blood and the removal of waste products of the body in the form of carbon dioxide
Respiratory system
what is the functional unit of the kidney?
What does the Urinary system do?
-filters wasted products from the blood
-reabsorbs water nutrients from the tubular fluid
-secrete excess substances in the form of urine
In the femail reproductive system, woman's reproductive live begins with what?
the onset of the menstruation(menarche)
Which system maintains an adequate supply of blood to all the tissues of the body?
Cariovascular system
Biochemical communications network through which several small glands control a broad range of vital body activities
Endocrine system
Which system transmits and coordiantes stimuli and integrates it into the phenomena that makes up mental activity and behavior