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What types of cancer are treated with radiation therapy?
Lung Cancer
What do you do for lung cancer?
5000-6000 cGy, 10 mEv photons with AP, PA, and off cord obliques
What do you do for Prostate cancer?
Surgical removal, four field technique AP, PA, Rt/Lt Lat 7000 cCy of 10 MeV
Two tangential fields to chest wall, 5000 cGy in 5 weeks. An electron boost to the site of lumpectomy adds 1000 cGy. Chemotherapy may also be used
Breast Cancer
What do you do for skin cancer?
5000 cGy in a 4 week period
Amount of ionizing radiation absorbed per unit of mass of irradiated material.
absorbed dose
Four independent x-ray collimators that are used to define the radiation treatment field.
assymetric jaws
Placement of radioactive nuclides in or on a neoplasm to deliver a cancericidal dose.
A 5- year period after completion of treatment during which time the patient exhibits no evidence of disease.
measurement of radiation dose in an absorbing medium
Division of total planned dose into a number of smaller doses to be given over a longer period of time.
International unit for the quantity of radiation received by the patient
energy emitted and transferred through matter that results in the removal of orbital electrons
Device for accelerating charged particles, such as electrons, to produce high-energy electron or photon beams.
linear accelerator
Transmission of cells or groups of cells from primary tumor to site elsewhere in the body.
to relieve symptoms, not for the cure
succeptibility of neoplastic cells to cure by ionizing radiation
A diagnostic x-ray machine that has the same geometric and physical characteristics as a radiation therapy treatment unit
In megavoltage beam therapy, reduced skin injury per centigray exposure because electron equilibrium occurs below skin
skin sparing