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Discovered X-Rays?
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1895
Who discovered Radioactivity and when?
Antoine Henri Becquerel 1898
Who discovered Isolated Radium and when?
Pierre and Marie Curie 1898
Who was the first known radiation death and when?
Clarence Dally 1904
What is the primary concern with Radiation?
It is ionizing and causes harmful effects
Whose responsibility is it to determine the need for the procedure?
The degree to which the diagnostic study acccurately reveals the prescence or abscence of disease.
Diagnostic Efficacy
the upper boundary doses of of ionizing radiation that result in a negligible risk of bodily injury or genetic damage.
Dose limits
Alara stands for?
As low as reasonable acheivable
BERT stands for?
Background Equivalent Radiation Time
What are the units to describe effective dose?
Rem and Sievert (Sv)
1 Sv = how many Rem?
What is BERT used for?
To compare radiation exposure to patient.
If an atom loses an electron it forms what?
an ion pair
The amount of energy transferred to electrons by ionizing radiation is the basis of what concept?
Radiation Dose
What 2 interactions occur in the diagnostic range?
Compton and Photoelectric effect
What does compton effect (recoil) result in?
Fog, no info reaches the film