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sublime vs. beautiful
sublime is irregular, grotesque, dark, sometimes ugly, always powerful, vs. beautiful which regular, ordered, pretty, ex. of sublime, symphonie fantastique (sublime gained prominence in Romantic era)
a song meant to be sung by middle classes, can be strophic, modified strophic, through composed, or other, ex. erlkonig (through composed)
an interest and fascination with foreign cultures in the Romantic era, usually sterotypical and primitive, ex. Miikado
song cycle
a collection of songs unified by a theme or a poet, Dichterliebe
program music
music that has an extramusical component, with either a narrative trajectory or a governing idea, purely instrumental in the Romantic era
idee fixe
a recurring motif/idea that is repeated and often presented in the same instrumentation, ex. symphonie fantastique
dias irae
a chant from the Mass of the Dead which is played simultaneously with the witch's theme in Symphonie Fantastique mvt. 5
anxiety of influence
after well-respected music of the past (specifically Beethoven), composers had trouble balancing the past with moving on, could either do it better, differently, or mock him
a performer/soloist with astonishing technical skill that was as much as a celebrity as a musician, ex. scherzo
theme and variations
theme, variations can change in mode, rhythm, texture, etc. ex. un sospiro
a piece originally in ternary form, fast and dancelike, ex. scherzo, op. 10 (STSTS, modified scherzo)
lyrical song meant to evoke images of the night, reserved for piano in 19th century, ex. chopin nocturne eb major