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Hanging drop preparations are especially good for determining:
An organism that retains the crystal violet-iodine complex even when rinsed with acetone-alcohol or some corresponding decolorizer is:
Gram positive
Gram-positive bacteria generally:
Have low lipid content in their cells (~1%)
You obtain a clean slide, put a drop of water on it, scrape some tissue off your cheek, dab it in the water and put a cover on it. You have just prepared what is known as a:
Wet Mount
A gram-positive organism is distinguished from a gram-negative organism by:
taking up the blue stain and resisting decolorization
The acid fast stain is used for identification of:
The correct order of adding reagents in a gram stain is:
crystal violet, grams iodine, acetone/alcohol, safranin
When properly stained, gram-positive cells turn:
The gram stain is a:
differential stain
What is the most critical step in the gram-stain?