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to answer
to rest
dormir (ue)
to sleep
dormir la siesta
to take a nap
entender (ie)
to understand
hacer (irreg.)
to do
to make
hacer ejercicio
to exercise
hacer un viaje
to take a trip
hacer una pregunta
to ask a question
jugar (ue) (al)
to play
(a game or sport)
oír (irreg.)
to hear
pedir (i)
to ask for
to order
pensar (ie)
to think
to intend
perder (ie)
to lose
to miss (a function)
poner (irreg.)
to put
to place
salir (irreg.) (de)
to leave
to go out
servir (i)
to serve
traer (irreg.)
to bring
ver (irreg.)
to see
volver (ue)
to return
(to a place)
volver a (+ inf.)
to (do something) again
almorzar (ue)
to have lunch
cerrar (ie)
to close
empezar (ie)
to begin