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In which season do leaves fall off of trees?
In the fall season
In which season are the trees bare?(in which season do most trees have no leaves)
In the winter season
What are the names of the 4 seasons?
What is spring like?
(Describe Spring)
In the Spring, it begins to warm up (temperature rises), precipitation is in the form of rain.
What is winter like?
(Describe winter)
Winter is the "coldest season". It sometimes snows or sleets. This is the precipitation of winter. Temperature is low.
What is fall like?
What is autumn like?
Define fall/autumn
Fall begins to get cool again, precipitation is rain, temperature goes down/falls. (precipitation is what falls from clouds)
Do the seasons go in the same order every year?
Yes, the seasons go in the same order every year.
Does weather change from day to day?
Yes, weather changes from day to day.
In which season do people need to wear hats, gloves, coats, and boots?
In the Winter season
What is the hottest season?
Summer is the hottest season.
In which season do flowers bloom and leaves begin to grow?
In the Spring
What is the coldest season?
Winter is the coldest season.
In which season do people wear shorts, t-shirts, sandals and bathing suits?
In the summer season
What is summer like?
(Describe summer)
Hottest season, precipitation is rain, temperature is high.
What season comes after summer?
What season comes after fall?
What season follows or comes after winter?
What season comes after spring?
Name some words we can use to describe weather conditions?
(sunny, rainy, cool, cold, cloudy, snowy, windy, warm, hot)