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cyanotic heart, no murmur, decreased pulmonary vasc.
pulmonary atresia with ductal depn
differential of congenital stridor
laryngomalacia, tracheomalacia, bilat vocal cord paralysis, subglottic stenosis, tumor, cyst. Laryngomalacia is most common.
congenital late inspiratory stridor, no respiratory distress
congenital stridor, retractions, cyanosis, weak cry
bilat vocal cord paralysis
treatment of respiratory failure
intubation and positive pressure.
flex endoscopic finding in laryngomalacia
rolled epiglottis on inspiration
suddne onset of focal wheeze
inhaled foreign body
pulm AVM, telangiectasia of lips
Reundy-Osler-Weber S.
apnea and tachycardia in a oterhwise healthy smal premature infant
anemia of prematurity
empyema labs on thoracentesis
hi LDH, >5000 WBC, low glucose, low pH
parapneumonic effusion labs on thoracentesis
<1000 WBC, glucose >60, nl LDH
tuberculus effusion, labs
1-2000 WBC, low pH, monocyte pleocytosis
exercise intolerance, syncope
primary pulmonary hypertension
loud S2
pulmonary hypertension
viral URI that worsens with high fever, toxic, stridor, retractions
bacterial tracheitis
biphasic stridor
subglottic stenosis, (eg. subglttic hemangioma)
test for methemoglobinemia
why infants with BPD need more calories
combination of increased work of breathing and preterm fat malabsorption
term infant with large cystic mass calcified in abdomen
meconium peritonitis, CF. Meconium iileus perforates causing cystic mass ith Ca. causes congenital obstrutction.
long term sequelae of hydrocarbon ingestion
obstructive pulmonary disease
recurrent sinusitis, bronchiectasis, situs inversus
Kartagener syndrome. cilia dysfunction causing sx of CF.
expiratory stridor, barking cough congenital exp wheeze
tracheomalacia Very common with TE fistula
URI with sudden expiraotry wheeze, worse fever, worse resp distress
bacterial tracheitis. Staph aureus. bronchoscopy req.
genetics of hemochromatosis
inspiratory stridor fever drooling, sniffing position
epiglottits. lat neck supraglottic edema
biphasic stridor, where is the pathology
subglottic narrowing, croup
inspiratory stridor, where is the pathology
supraglottic narrowing, epiglottitis.
forced vital capacity below which is respiratory failure
aminoglycosides and neuromuscular disorders
makes blockade worse, contraindicated in MG and others
late complication of near drowning or ARDS
pulmonary fibrosis
Down syndrome, late onset of R heart failure with no known congeintal heart
cor pulmonale from chronicly obstructed airway. Some need T/A, some need trach
best test when suspicious of tracheal ring or R aortic arch
chest CT. barium swallow can be helpful, not as sens as CT with contrast