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What are 7 demographics?
1. Age
2. sex
3. Racial composition
4. Religion
5. Education
6. Family Structure
7. Income level
How to develop a purpose and thesis
The speaker's purpose
A generalized statement of the speaker's goals
The thesis
Is a particular claim that the speech supports
What are 3 types pf statements?
1. Proposition of fact
2. Proposition of value
3. Proposition of policy
What is a proposition of fact?
Making an assertion about the nature of existence, occurrence, or causality, It can be true of false, and can be subjected to personal or professional opinion.
What is proposition of value?
Expression of values of what is good or bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair
What is proposition of policy?
Outline of specific courses of action that the speaker wants an audience to take. It usually contains the word "should" in it
What are the 7 ways of capturing an audience's attention?
1. Quotation
2. Salutation
3. startling
4. Startling statistic
5. Rhetorical question
6. Overt-response questions
7. humour
What are the two functions of conclusions?
1. Reinforces the main points of the speech
2. To provide a clear...
What are the methods for providing closure?
1. A quotation
2. an expression of gratitude
3. A reference to the intro
4. An example, narrative, or illustration
5. A direct appeal to audience
6. A statement of the speaker's intention
What are transitions?
Word, phrases, or sentences that aid the listener in following the speaker from one main point to the next, from the intro, to the body, to the conclusion
What are the 6 patterns of organization?
1. Spacial
2. Chronological
3. Cause-effect
4. criteria
5. Topical
6. Problem solution
What does spacial mean?
according to a visual image
What does chronological mean?
flows from some point in history to the next
What does cause and effect mean?
describes the causal relationships among events
What does criteria mean?
application i used to develop speeches that argue a proposition of value
What does topical mean?
divided speech into various topics
What is problem solution?
found in a proposition of policy speech