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What is the most common salmonella?
typhi. get it from harvesting and from rodents
what kind of salmonella is associated with cows?
dublin. dont show symptoms
what type of salmonella is with chickens?
enteritidis. eggs. dont show symptoms
what type of salmonella do primates get from people?
where does salmonella live?
GIT, mammary glands, eggs
what are the clinical signs of salmonella
in 8-72 hours- fever, malaise, headache, sudden nausea, abd pain, dia, vomiting. self limiting but feel like crap for 2 weeks
how do you dx salmonella?
culture, serotyping. not detectable
how is salmonella spread?
fecal-oral, raw foods, unclean foods, diry equipment, bad hygeine.
how do you control salmonella
hygenic slaughter, pastuerize milk or eggs
where does staph live?
human skin and resp tract, cow boobs
what are the clinical signs of staph infection?
30 min-8 hours. Nausea, v/d, GI cramps, headache, fever, hypotension, blood or mucus in vomit or poop.
how do you ddx staph?
culture or presence of toxin
How do we get staph?
human contamination. grows at low pH and high salt (ham, meats, cream). toxin is made as organism grows
how do you prevent staph infections?
proper fridge temps, educate food people
Where does clostridium perfringens live?
formed in host and food. lives in soil, water, GIT in animals and fish
what are the clinical signs of clostridium perfringens?
8-24 hours: watery diarrhea, gas, cramps. usually no vomiting or diarrhea.
what bacteria is associated with thanksgiving dinner?
clostridium perfringens.
how can you prevent clostridium perfringens?
boil food, dont let it sit out
what organism is responsible for botulism?
clostridium botulinum A-G. Exotoxins formed in food or host
what forms of botulism do people get:
where does clostridium botulinum (causes botulism) live?
soil, water, GIT, non acid foods, pH > 4.5
what are the clinical signs of botulism?
2 hours - 8 days (usually 1-2 days after eating): nausea, vomiting, impaired vision, muscle weakness, paralysis
what can babies get from eating honey?
clostridium botulinum (botulism). causes constipation, weakness, poor feeding and head control loss)
how do you dx botulism?
ID toxin in serum or poop
how can you get botulism?
fowl, canning, honey, storage error
what is the most common cause of enteritis in people?
campylobactor jejuni
who carries campylobactoer jejuni?
cows, poultry, shellfish
what are the clinical signs of campy?
2-5 days: diarrhea, abdominal cramps, headache. Relapsing fever. reactive arthritis, hemolytic uremia, GB syndrome. Big cause of renal fx in kids
how do we dx campylobactor?
how do people get campy?
raw milk, bad poultry. 80% of poultry is contaminated