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O Lateral third of clacicle
I Deltoid tuberosity of humerus
A Flexion, horizontal adduction, and middle rotation of humerus
Anterior Deltoid
O CH Medial half of clavicle
SH Sternum, cartilages of upper 6 ribs
I Lateral Lip of bicipiatl groove of humerus
A Adduction, horizontal adduction, and medial rotation of humerus, flexion
Pectoralis Major
O Coracoid process of scapula
I Middle 1/3 of medial surface of humerus
A Flexion and adduction of humerus
O SH Coracoid process of scapula
LH supragleniod tubercle of scapula
I Tuberosity of radius, Bicipital aponeurosis
A Flexion of elbow, supination of forearm, flexion of humerus
Biceps Brachii
O Thoracolumbar aponeurosis, Lower 6 thoracic spinous process, sacrum and the iliac crest, lower 3 to4 ribs, inferior angle of scapula
I Bicipital groove of humerus
A Medial rotation and adduction of humerus
Latissimus Dorsi
O Inferior angle of scapula (dorsal surface) lower third of axillary border of scapula
I Medial lip of bicipital groove of humerus
A Extension, medial rotation and adduction of humerus
Teres Major
O Spine of Scapula
I Deltiod tuberosity of humerus
A extension, horizontal abduction, lateral rotation of humerus
Posterior Deltiod
O Infraspinous fossa of scapula
I Greater tubercle of humerus (middle facet)
A lateral rotation, extension of humerus
O Upper 2/3 of axillary border of scapula
I Greater tubercle of humerus (inferior facet)
A lateral rotation, extensin of humerus
Teres Minor
O LH infragleniod tubercle of scapula
LaH posterior humerus abov spiral goove
MH posterior humerus below spiral groove
I Olecarnon process of ulna
A Extension of elbow, LH-extension of humerus
Triceps Brachii
O Supraspinous fossa of scapula
I Greater tubercle of humerus (superior facet)
A Abduction of humerus, stabilixation of head of humerus
O Lateral acromion
I Deltoid tuberosity of humerus
A adduction of humerus at 90*
Middle Deltiod
O Supscapular fossa of scapula
I Lesser tubercle of humerus
A Medial rotation and adduction of humerus
O External occipital protruberance ligamentm nuchae C7-T12 spinous process
I Lateral third of clavicle acromion
A Elevation, upward rotation of scapula
Upper Trapezius
O C1-4 (transverse process)
I Vertebral border of scapula from superior angle to root of spine
A Elevation, downward rotation of scapula
Levator Scapula
O Anteroir surface of ribs 3.4.5 near costal cartiages
I Coracoid process of scapula on medial border of superior surface
A Protractior, depression, downward rotation of scapula
Pectoralis Minor
O External occipital protuberance ligamenture nauchae C7-T12 spinous processes
I Root of spine of scapula
A depression, upward rotation of scapula
Lower Trapezius
O Outer surface of upper 8 ribs (like finger like slips)
I Vertebral border of scapula-anterior surface
A Protraction, upward rotation of scapula, stabilizes scapula against chest wall
Serratus Anterior
O external ossipital protruberance ligamentum nachae C7-T12 spinous processes
I Spine of scapula
A Retraction of scapula
Middle Trapezius
O MI C7 and T1 (spinous process)
MJ T2 and T5 (spinous process)
I MI root of spine of scapula
MJ vertebral border of scapula from root of spine to infeior angle
A retraction, Downward rotation of scapula