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Types of TCAs
1. Imipramine
2. Amitriptyline
3. Trimipramine
4. Nortriptyline - doesn't cause orthostatic hypoTN
5. Desipramine - fewest anticholinergic effects
6. Clomipramine - most 5HT specific, good for OCD
7. Doxepin
Side effects of TCAs (6)
1. Antihistamine (sedative)
2. Antiadrenergic
3. Antimuscarininc
4. Weight gain
5. Lethal in OD
6. 3C's: Convulsions, coma, cardiotoxicity (widened QRS >100msec)
Side effects of MAOI's
Common: Orthostatic HypoTN, drowsiness, wt gain, sexual dysfxn, dry mouth, sleep dysfxn

Serotonin Syndrome if SSRI + MAOI together

Hypertensive Crisis - MAOI + tyramine
Side effects of SSRI's
1. Sexual dysfunction
2. GI disturbance
3. Insomnia
4. HA
5. Anorexia, wt loss
6. Serotonin syndrome w/ MAOI
5HT + NE Reuptake Inhib - SNRI: Venlafaxine
Good for treating refractory depression + CAP

Can raise BP

S/E sim to SSRI
NE + DA Reuptake Inhib - NDRI: Bupropion
Lack of sexual side effects

Risk of increased sweating, seizures, and psychosis
5HT Antag + Reuptake Inhib - SARI: Nefazodone or Trazodone
Good for refractory depression, depression w/ anxiety, insomnia

S/E: nausea, dizziness, orthoHypoTN, arrhythmias, sedation, priapism
NE + 5HT Antag - NASA: Mirtazapine
Refractory MDD in pts that need to gain wt. Max sedative effect at <15mg