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Karen Horney's core belief about personality
Her core beliet is that personality is a reflextion of how one chooses to avoid anxiety and stay "safe" from others.
In Horney's theory the healthy personality chooses....?
The healthry personlaity, chose to be anxious, to accept anxiety and to use anxiety instead of avoiding it.
According to Horney what are the core experiences of a child?
Basic evil, basic anger, and basic anxiety.
The child is anxious becuase...?
The child is anxious because he/she is powerless and dependent and fears losing the parent's love.
The child is angry because...?
The child is angry, because the love has been removed.
How did Horney help explain prejudice?
Being angry leads to being anxious, and being anxious leads to being angry. If something scares you, you will come to hate it, and if something makes you mad, in time you will become afraid.
The child's personality becomes defiend in what four ways?
The real self, The despised real self, The ideal self, and The actual self.
Your real self?
Who you really are, your talents, your skills, your natural capacities. A healthy assertive personality
Your despised real self?
Anything about yourself you have come to not like because others judged it. Is a passive personality .
The ideal self?
Who you think you should be, so that you will never be hurt or disappointed. aggressive personality.
The actual self?
The person others see day to day.
Horney identified ten neurotic needs that people develop due to the struggle around the ideal, real and despised selves. Name them.
affection and approval, a partner, restricting on'es life to narrow borders, control or power, exploiting others, social recognition or prestige, personal admiration, personal achievement, self-sufficiency, perfection.