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Extrinsic Sleep Disorders
Originate outside of the body
-stress, alcohol consumption
Intrinsic Sleep Disorders
Originate inside the body
-obesity to brain mechanisms
-sleep apnea: snoring
Sleepwalking, sleep talking
Three views of dreaming
1)As we wish (fulfillment)
3)Random neural activity
Two main theories of hypnosis
1)Role-Playing Model
-assuming role of h. subject
2)Neodissociation theory
-h. state of divided consciousness
-pain theory
Psychoactive Drugs
Change perceptions, mood, thought processes, behavior
-caffeine and alcohol are included
Major types of psychoactive drugs (3)
-Caffeine, amphetamines, cocaine, nicotine
-stimulate CNS functioning

2)Depressants (alcohol, opioids, barbituates)
-depress CNS functioning
-induce relaxation

3)Hallucinogens (LSD, pot)
-alter perceptions
-psychological, not physiological addiction
ABCs of Learning Theory
UCS vs. CS
UCS: does not need to be learned

CS: learned stimulus, normally neutral

(food vs. bell)
UCR vs. CR
UCR: does not need to be learned

CR: same as UCR, but to a normally neutral stimulus

Experimental Neurosis
Difficulty differentiating/discriminating between CR for one CS and not the others
Primary reinforcers VS.

Secondary reinforcers
1)Satisfy basic biological needs

2)Through association with primary reinforcers
requiring more to be done before reinforcement received
Variable ratio schedule
ratio of responses to reinforcements changes
-->gambling (1 in five, 1 in 7)
Variable interval schedule
varies change in time required before reinforcement received