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A set of beliefs and characteristics that include submissiveness to authorities, demands for obedience from subordinates, intolerance of minorities and other outgroups, and endorsement of the use of power and punishment to ensure conformity and conventional norms.
A syndrome that occurs in people who work with other people; symptoms include emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment.
Community Based Policing
A policy that increases direct police/citizen contacst within a neighborhood.
Jail Diversion Program
Programs that attempt to keep special populations of citizens, such as the mentally ill, out of jail by providing special forms of supervision and treatment in lieu of incarceration.
Learned Helplessness
A condition in which people come to believe that they have no personal influence over what happens to them and consequently they passively endure aversive treatment rather than to try to control it.
Stockholm Syndrome
Feelings of dependency and emotional closeness that hostages sometimes develop toward their kidnappers in prolonged hostage situations.
Structured Interviews
Interviews in which the qording, order, and contet of the questions are stardarized in order to improve the reliablitiy of the information and interviewer obtains.
Suicide By Cop
A crisis situation in which a citizen precipitates his or her own death by behaving in sucha a fastion that a police officer is forced to use lethal force.
Team Policing
A policy of less centralized decision making within police organizations.
The use of a threat of violence to achieve certain orgainzational goals.
Validity Scales
Those measres who goal is to access whether the test taker is telling the truth.
Zero Tolerance
An approach to law enforcement in which the police attempt to arrst all lawbreakers, even those who have committed what are traditionally views as petty and uisance crimes.