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The science of behavior and mental processes
Nature Nurture issue
the controversy over the relative contributions that genes (nature) and experience(nurture)make to the development of psychological traits and behaviors.
Natural selection
the principle that those traits of a species that contribute to reproduction and survival are most likely to be passed on to succeeding generations
Basic research
is pure science that aims to increase psychology's scientfic knowledge base rather than to solve practical problems
Applied research
scientific study that aims to solve practical problems
clinical psychology
the branch of psychology concerned with the study, assessment, and treatment of people with psychologocial disorders
the branch of medicine concerned with the physical diagnosiis and treatmnet of psychological disorders.
stability versus change, rationlity versus irrationality
individuals' traits persist or change throughout life

the extent to which our thoughts and actions are logical and efficient and the extent to which they are prone to inaccuracy.