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What are the two general types of research that phych. conduct?
-basic research(foc. on expanding our under. and knowledge)
-applied research(foc. on finding answers or solutions to particular problems
What are the various specialties in psych?
-clinical psych
-counseling psych
-school psych
-experimental psych
-forensic psych
-sport psych
What changes have occured in the ethnic and gender characteristics of psychologists over time?
-though pscyh is now a more diverse discipline, AA's and other minority groups remain underrepresented in the professional ranks of psychologists
-unlike in the early days of the profession, when women were actively excluded from pursuing professional careers, they now constitute the lion's share of new psychologists
_____ research focuses on expanding our und. and knowledge, whereas ______ research foc. on finding answers or solutions to particular probs.
counseling psych
help students adjust to college life
developmental psych
study changes in behaviors and attitudes throughout the life-cycle
environmental psych
study effects of outdoor temp. on aggression
consumer psych
study psych characteristics of ppl who buy particular products