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What are the major obj. in science?
-control of events or variables
What is the scientific method, and what are its four general steps?
-a set of guiding principles that directs the scientific process
1. developing a research question
2. formulating a hypothesis
3. gathering evidence
4. drawing conclusions
what are the major research methods psychologists use?
-the case study method
-the survey method
-the naturalistic obs. method
-the correlational method
-the experimental method
what general ethical guidelines must psychologists follow in their research?
-committed to guidelines that promote the dignity of the ind., human welfare, and scientific integrity
-psych are precluded from using methods that harm research participants or clients and must receive approval of their research protocols from ethics review committees b4 undertaking research w/ human or animals
what is an ex. of a specific ehtical guideline?
-confidentiality, which inquires that the investigators keep the records and identities of research participatns private and secure
a conclusion drawn from observations
psych adopt a sci. approach to studying behavior and mental processes, which comprises 4 principle obj: description,_______, prediction, and control of events
a distinct advantage of the naturalistic ______method, when used correctly, is that it provides a view of behavior that occurs in natural settings.
which research method is best suited ro providing evidence of cause-and-affect relationships?
ethical guidelines in psych research are designed to protect research participants from physical or psychological_______