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recognition that objects removed from sight still exist, as demonstrated in young children by continued pursuit
Object Permanance
The baby from the 3rd through 8th weeks following conception, during which time the major organ systems undergo rapid differentiation
Erkinsons term for a firm sense of who one is and what one stands for
Ego Identity
Male sex harmones
The enduring affectional tie that binds one person to another
according to piaget, the inclusion of a new event into an existing scheme
A newly born child
According to Piaget, A hypothetical mental structure that permits the classifacation and organization of new information
The amount of time spent looking at a visual stimulus
Fixation time
the first stage of prenatal developement during which the dividing mass of cells has not become implanted in the uterine wall
Germinal Stage
Membrane that permits the exchange of nutrients and waste products between the mother and her child, doesnt allow the maternal and fetal blood to mix
According to Piaget, assuming that others view the world as one does oneself
The view that aging is determined by a biological clock that ticks at a rate governed by genes
Programmed senescence
simultaneous focusing on more than one dimension of a problem so that flexible, Reverseable thoughts become possible
According to Piaget, the modifacation of schemes so that information inconsistant with existing schemes can be integrated or understood
A sac within the uterus that contains the embryo or fetus
Amniotic Sac
The turning of an infant's head torward a touch such as by the mother's nipple
The view that the life of the individual and society withdraw from one anothers during the later years
Sisengagement Theory
Characteristics that distinguish the sexes, such as distribution of body hair, and the depth of voice, but that are not directly involved in reproduction
Secondary Sex Characteristics
Contact Comfort
A hypothesized primary drive to seek physical comfort through contact with another
Knowledge of the functions and processes in ones own memory, as shown by the use of cognitive strategies to retain info
A process occuring during a critical period in the developement of an organism, in which the organism responds to a stimulus in a manner that afterword will be difficult to modify
Parents who are rigid in their rules and who demand obedience for the sake of obedience
Parents who are strict and warm authoratative paretns demand mature behavior but use reason rather than discipline