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William McDougall
Who came up with the instinct theory?
What are automatic, involuntary, unlearned behavior patterns consistently released by particular stimuli?
fixed-action patterns
An aggressive fish attacks when it sees the red underbelly of another male fish. Why?
William McDougall
Who was criticized for having an instinct to produce instincts?
instinct theory
A male will display his red throat to another male as a part of a mating ritual because of what theory?
drive-reduction theory
What theory is based on homeostasis?
What is a biological requirement for well being?
drive-reduction theory
The theory of recognizing the influence of leaning on motivation by distinguishing between primary and secondary is?
What is the feeling of arousal that promotes action?
Active behaviors do what to people's level of activation or arousal?
food, water
What is an example of a primary drive?
primary drives
What type of drive is a biological need?
inventive theory
What theory emphasizes the role of environmental stimuli?
People perform best when the level of What is moderate?
arousal theory
Motivation is tied to which theory?
An immediate evaluation of how pleasurable a stimulus is what?
Activities like intellectual tasks to athletic competition disrupt what?
What values influence the incentive theory?
motivating incentive
When one eats food while they are hungry, rather than full, food is a what?
The process of being attracted to stimuli is what?