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What does Webers Law State
States that at lower intensities small changes between two stimuli can be detected as just noticable difference.
What is Threshold?
The minimum amount of stimulus needed to start a neural impulse.
J.N.D. (Just Noticable Difference)
The smallest increase or decrease in the intensity of a stimulus that a person is able to detect.
What are 2 types of color blindness?
Monochromats-total colorblindness only seeing black and white.

Dichromats-has problems with colors associated with red and green.
What is Absolute Threshold?
The smallest intensity of a stimulus that has to be present for the stimulus to be detected.
What is a Subliminal Stimulus?
Has an intensity that gives a person less than a 50% chanced of detecting the stimulus.
What is sensation?
Information brought in through the senses.
What is Perception?
The process in which we understand sensory information.

The process of organizing and using information that is received through the senses.
What is the difference between Sensation and Perception.
Sensation is the information and Perception is the meaning we give to the information we recieve
Misperception of reality.
What is Adaptation?
Adaptation refers to an individual's ability to adjust to changes and new experiences, and to accept new information.
This is simply a measure of sound intensity
What is Loudness?
Your subjective experience of a sounds intensity.