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The alarm stage is our initial reaction to stress and is marked by activation of the __________.
Fight-Flight response
A series of three stages-alarm, resistance, and exhaustion-that the body goes through in dealing with stress is referred to as the ____________.
General Adaption Syndrome
An unpleasant state in which we have feelings of uneasiness and apprehension as well as increased physiological arousal is called ___________.
This feeling has at least three causes. One is classical conditioning of the emotional response to a previously neutral stimulus; the result is called a ________ response.
Conditioned emotional
The resistance stage is the body's reaction to continued stress and is marked by the most physiological responses returning to _________ levels.
The feeling of doing poorly at one's job, physically wearing out, and becoming emotionally exhausted due to intense involvement with people is called ________.
The problem arising from direct personal experience of an event that involves actual or threatened death or serious injury or from witnessing such an event or hearing of such an event happening to a family member or close friend is called_____.
Posttraumatic stress disorder
The exhaustion stage is the body's reaction to long-term, continuous stress and is marked by the actual breakdown or weakening of _________.
internal organs or the immune system
When our attempts to reach some goal are blocked, the feeling we have is called _______.
A second cause is a form of learning tht develops through watching and does not require any observable behavior or reinforcer; this is called _________ learning.
The manual's primary goal is to provide mental health professionals with a means of _______ mental disorders and _______ that information in a systematic and uniform way.

The manual tha describes the symptoms for almost 300 different mental disorders is called the ____________.
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV-TR
The DSM-IV-TR has five major dimensions, called _______, which serve as guidelines for making decisions about symptoms.
According to Freud, anxiety arises when the id and superego disagree, resulting in an _______ conflict, which results in the ego producing a feeling of anxiety.