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individual's ability to understand complex ideas, to adapt to environment, to learn from experience, to engage in various forms of reasoning and to overcome obstacles through mental efforts
G factor
Spearman's term for a general intellectual ability that underlies all mental operations to some degree
Primary mental abilities(NOT COVERED)
according to thurstone, seven relatively distinct capabilities that singly or in combination are involved in all intellectual activities
What are Thurstone's 7 primary mental abilities? (NOT COVERED)
verbal comprehension, numerical ability, spatial relations, perceptual speed, word fluency, memory and reasoning
Theory of multiple intelligence
Howard Gardner's proposal that there are several independent forms of intelligence
What are Gardner's 8 independent forms of intelligence/frames of mind
spatial, bodily kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic
Linguistic intelligence (Gardner)
ability to use language as both an aid in thinking and communication
Logical Mathematical intelligence(Gardner)
the ability to think logically and to solve mathematical problems
Spatial Intelligence(Gardner)
the ability to use images that represent spatial relations( ability to see if sofa will fit in room)
Bodily kinesthetic intelligence (Gardner)
ability to learn and execute physical movements
Musical intelligence (gardner)
sensitivity to and understanding of pitch, rhythm and other aspects of music
Interpersonal intelligence (gardner)
the ability to communicate and engage in effective social relationships with others.
Intrapersonal intelligence (gardner)
the ability to understand oneself
Naturalistic intelligence(Gardner)
the ability to identify patterns in nature and to determine how individual objects or beings fit into them