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Type of psychology that states behavior cannot be studied in parts but must be viewed as a whole?
Gestalt Psychology
What is Psychic Determinism?
the psychoanalytic assumption that all feelings, thoughts, and actions have a purpose and are determined by past events
What is empiricism?
the view that knowledge should be acquired through obervation tand often experiment
What is introspection?
a person's description and analysis of what he is thinking and feeling or what he has just thought about
If the results of an experiment are very likely to be real and consistent and not just the result of chance or cincidence, we say the results are...?
The first psychological laboratory was opened by...?
Wihelm Wundt in Germany in 1879
The early school of psychological thought that emphasized the study of how immediate, conscious experience is organized was....?
Joseph is a medical doctor who treats people with emotional problems by prescribing appropriate medications. What is he?
a psychiatrist
An applied psychologist is one who...?
does research and uses it to solve pratical problems
The major professional organization for psychologists mentioned in your text is the...?
American Psychological Association (APA)