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clinical psychologist
Helps ppeople with psychological disorders adapt to the demands of life. These are the largest groups
counseling psychologist
Typically work with peole who have adjustment difficulties but not serious psychological disorders.
school psychologist
are emplyed by school systems to identify and assist articular students who have learning difficulties.
educational psychologist
researches theoretical issues related to learning
developmental psychologist
research changes that haen over the life span
personality psychologist
attempts to define human traits and determine influences on thoughts, feelings, and behavior
social psychologist
concerned with the nature and causes of an individual's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in social settings
environmental psychologist
conducts the study of the intersection of people and the environment
experimental psychologist
specialize in conducting research into basic processes such as sensation and perception, or learning and memory.
organizational psychologist
Focuses on the behavior of people in organizations
industrial psychologist
study the relationship between people and work
human factors psychologist
focuses on user friendly design of equipment
consumer psychologist
examines and predict the behaviors of shoppers
sports psychologist
help athletes overall performance
health psychologist
likely to spend thier time studying the effects of stress on health problems like headaches and cancer
forensic psychologists
work in the intersection of psychology and justice system