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What is the pleasure principle
concern only about pleasure and avoiding pain
What is the reality principle?
concern with meeting the demands of the enviroment
What is ID?
reservior of your animalistic, primitive impluses (sexual and aggressive)
What does ID operate on?
The pleasure principle
What is Ego?
the conscious part of your personality which confronts the realities of the world.
Person who you think you are?
What principle does the ego follow?
reality principle
What is the super ego?
the moral part of your personality, commonly called the conscious
Ego demands what?
moral perfection
What is Freud's concept of the healty, well-functioning personality?
control over ID
Gradual growth of strong ego
feeling in charge of life
How long does each sleep cycle last?
90 minutes
Sleep cycles: Getting tired
heading to sleep, Stage 1
stage 2, brain signals a shut down to focus internally
sleep spindles
Stage 3, going deeper into sleep
Delta waves appear, still some Alpha
Stage 4, deeper and deeper sleep
Mostly delta
What is REM stand for?
Rapid Eye Movement
REM averages about how many minutes during 8 hours of sleep?
90 minutes
What is SAD?
Seasonal aff disorder
What is the psychodynamic theory?
claims dreams are based on wish fullfillment. Emphasizes internal conflicts and unconscious forces
What is the Activation-synthesis hypothesis?
keep things in order
a brain trying to tell a story to fit with that verse
needs arousal
What is the basic emotion from which all other emotions develop?
Generalized excitement
Are emotions powerful?
Yes, they are among the most powerful and impelling forces which affect our daily lives.
What causes emotional responses?
Various physiological changes take place preparing you for the Flight or Fight response
What is the Contemporary/Appraisal model of emotional arousal?
1) stimulus
The Autonomic Nervous System is what part of the central nervous system?
the central part
What is the functions of the sympatheic branches?
fight or flight
Parasympatheic branch?
brings things back to the normal state
what is para-rebound?
When someone faints
What do pychopaths have?
life without guilt
What is health psychology
to show people how to clean up their lives
What factors determine how we react to stress?
Genetics and biology
Lifestyle and behavior
Why is relaxation one of the most affective ways of dealing with stress?
Meditation, yoga, hypothosis
Progressive relaxation
Why is it hard to make a clear distinction between mental illness and mental health?
because there's no fine line
What is Agoraphobia?
when you can't leave the house
what is the definition of psychopathology?
the scientific study of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. also abnormal or maladaptive behavior
What are 3 major characteristics of mental illness?
Frequent or chronic anxiety
Excessive use of defense mechanisms
Poor or ineffective interpersonal relationships
What are some risk factors that contribute to psychopathology?
social conditions
family factors
psychological factors
biological factors