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Normative Social Influence
expectations about how group members should act
Informational Social influence
we accept others' opinions about reality as TRUE (maybe they know something we dont)
Info and Norm Influences play a role in...
2.anonymity (deinvid)
4.decision making (bystander)
obey a command
most likely when: legitimate authority figure, close by, victim depresonalized, no dissenter
increase sense of anonymity (feel less accountable for their actions) (decreased awareness of "self" and own moral standards) less accountable for actions
Downing Experience
-costuming affects role
-deindivaualized applifies costume in both directions (good gets better, bad gets worse)
fundamental attribuation error
disregard situations and leap to unwarrented conclusions about personality
foot in door
tendancy for ppl who agree to small action/ request to comply later w/ a larger one
cognitive dissonance theory
way to relieve tension (caused when attitudes and actions don't coincide) bring attitudes into line w/ our actions
changing beh. can change how we feel/ think
asch study
standard line, which is same legnth?
participant feels tense and less sure of self
social facilitation
performing stronger in others' presense
social loafing
ppl in a group exert less effort when pooling their efforts towards a common goal than when individually accountable
group polarization
a group's prevailing tendancies when ppl w/in a group discuss attitudes that most of them either favor or oppose
group think
mode of thinking where desire for harmony overrides realistic appraisal of alternatives
The presense of others serves to...
1.define the situation as trivial
2.diffusion of repsonsibility