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Social Location
group memberships and individual has based on his or her location in history and society. Ex: Job, Ethnicity, Race, Class, Gender.
Readings Hill Collins says your social location forms your matrix of oppression.

Landry says each individual thing comes to one.
the idea that forms of oppression do not act independently but intersect for form a system of oppression or what Hill Collins calls a matrix of domination.
Ferguson: African American Male
Ethnic women-servers
Hidden Curriculum
refers to the way that teachers set out a path for students by encouraging some or discouraging others. This is a form of institutional oppression.
Ferguson: black boy is said to have a jail sentence on his head. Punishment room. same crime.
Intergenerational wealth
not income but family inheritance
assets give you advantages
wealth stays concentrated in the hands of the few
Shapiro: some families can live off of inheritance. black and white in same situation makes all the difference
People like Us:
Who Rules America
Private Social Clubs and Social Class
expensive groups that you need money and even a recommendation to get in. where all the people in power come from. some people go just to keep up with their reputation.
Who Rules America: talk about the clubs, debutantes, junior league
People Like Us:show the WASP parties, Jack and Jill
Power Elite: people who are in this were members of the clubs
socio-economic status
defined by income or wealth?
assumptions about race, family, education, background, place
Social Construction
the way we are taught to see the world, sets of categories and the meanings we attach to them.
Race, gender
not inherent in nature. we have created them.
Landry argues that race is not biological
House we live in talks about the way whiteness changed
Bonilla-honorary whites
Propositions about the way the social world works and predictions of future events.
Funcitonalist, Symbolic Interaction, Conflict
Protestant Ethic
Max Weber
Individual relationship with god, self-denial, predestination

individualism, investment, worldly success
American Dream, Weber
Conflict Theory
the theory that social order arises from conflict and struggle which gives way to inequality.
Communist Manifesto: 2 class system arose from market competition. workers and owners-disparity.
Power Elite
Triangle of Power
Military, Political, Economic
now they have intersected
Mills: decision makers
Who Rules America: they come from the social clubs
oil industry: Haliburton: Dick Cheney- Afghanistan
the position you hold in society in based on your merit. relate it to the economy. your status is based on how hard you work.
america wants to be a meritocracy but we aren't.
inheritance is key
Nickel and Dimed
American Dream
Power Elite, Who Rules America
Hidden cost
social stratification
large numbers of people are divided into different layers or strata. ex race, class, gender
most societies like this but its not unequal unless there are wide disparities of wealth.
forms a pyramid. those with most numbers have least wealth at bottom and those with least numbers have most wealth at top
American Dream, Nickel Dimed, Bonilla Silva
social mobility
movement of individuals or groups between the social strata.

in america we'd like to thing we have social mobility but its super hard. not everyone can move as easily. some hit a glass ceiling
American Dream
Nickel and DImed
dimensions of oppression
hill collins says
institutional: school, workplace
Symbolic: images, stereotypes
-Ferguson, profiling
-Personal: It's not my problem
social location
hill collins
color blind vs color conscious racism
conscious: Jim crow laws
blind is more symbolic. hoodie, coded language, realtors, adoption
Bonilla Silva
house we live in
Hill Collins: Race, Class, Gender
Race, Class, and Gender all work together to form a matrix of domination and a system of oppression.
there are different levels of oppression:
institutional-school, work
Bad boys
personal-social location, its not my problem
dimensions of oppression
Landry: Intersectional Analysis
forms of oppression do not operate independently but intersect to create a system of oppression.
must look at the social location created by race class and gender.
social construct
not biological
whiteness is a fluctuating category
social construct
Ferguson: Bad Boys
hidden curriculum
teachers mark out kids set for a certain path: labeled as trouble makers
schools reproduce race and social class distinctions (agent of social reproduction)
inequalities that maintain the stratification
punishment rooms-self-fulfilling
hidden curriculum
Max Weber: Protestant Ethic
protestant worldviews of calvinism and puritanism influenced the development of the capitalist economy.
individual relationship with god-individualism
predestination-worldly success
Protestant Ethic
Ehrenreich: Nickel and Dimed
she tries to make it on minimum wage jobs but finds it impossible.
you need to hold two jobs in order to financially support yourself but holding two jobs is sometimes impossible
ethnic way servers and maids are split.
Social Location
Social Mobility
McNamee & Smith: The American Dream
America thought to be a land of opportunity but Meritocracy is not a reality
Protestant Ideals fuel capitalism
so much of the economy comes from inheritance
Intergenerational Wealth
Social Mobility
Karl Marx: Communist Manifesto
class struggle b/t proletariat (workers) and bourgeoisie (owners)
this struggle will lead to revolution
capitalism perpetuates the inequality
Conflict Theory
did not foresee: middle class, unions, some owners having less power than some workers
Domhoff: Who Rules America
there are certain indicators of wealth and a distinct lifestyle.
Education: Private schools, boarding schools, tutors
Elite Social Clubs: need money to be a part of, those people run the show, just for presentation
Junior League, Debutantes, Volunteer Work
Power Elite
Social Clubs
C. Wright Mills: The Power Elite
most important decisions made by the power elite. the top leaders in the top 3 areas. executives, senior officers, and president plus other officials.
all know each other/act in unison (facilitated by social clubs)
military, economy, political
Power Elite
Social Clubs
it has converged today
Shapiro: The Hidden Cost
a black and white family in the same money situation (single mother with kid) will have different results. white person has the family money and assets (no debt, no college loans, inheritance) to help keep her afloat while the black woman has little room to move upwards.
wealth discrepancy even though they have similar achievements and credentials.
Intergenerational Wealth
Social Mobility
Anderson: The Cosmopolitan Canopy
Not all racial interactions are negative
strangers from diverse backgrounds come together in cosmopolitan canopies.
its not like a city where its diverse but everyone is where but rather a place where people coexist and can have easy interaction with eachother.
Philadelphia Reading Terminal Market
People watching, friendly convo, personal info
Kim: Adoption
racism is influencing adoption
people want to avoid the stigma of being barren so they want a child who looks like them.
less white babies because of birth control, abortion, acceptance.
they say they want a healthy baby or an american baby.
asian babies are pretty
color blind
connects to the emerging triracial order
Bonilla-Silva: New Racism
a color blind racism is emerging so its not blatant in policy but actions reflect tendencies. it has become more symbolic with coded language and white buyers looking for white nieghborhoods.
emerging tri racial order with honorary whites. the category of white is in flux (European immigrants)
preserve the order--zimmerman
Social Construction
Color blind, Color Conscious
social location
People Like Us
WASP Club events
Co-op in Vermont
White bread became a class issue with the rich having all the power but giving the poor no say
Jack and Jill Clubs
upper class blacks getting made fun of
The House We Live In
race is not biological
who is white has changed and used to be mandated by law
housing is a racial issue
white neighborhoods
white flight--low tax base