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what criteria is used to classify behavior as abnormal?
1. Deviance-society doesn't consider behavior acceptable.
2. Maladaptive Behavior-Behavior interferes with a persons social or occupational functioning.
3. Personal Distress
What is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual or Mental Disorders?
the formal classification system used in the diagnosis of psychological disorders.
What different types of anxiety disorders are there?
generalized anxiety disorers, phobic disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, obsessive-cmopulsive disorder.
Many ansiety responses may be aquired through ____ ______ and maintained through ______ _______.
classical conditioning, operant conditioning.
How do cognitive factors attribute to anxiety responses?
Some people are more likely to suffer from anxiety problems than others because they tend to (a) misinterpret harmless situations as threatening, (b) focus excessive attention on percieved threats, and (c) selectively recall information that seems threatenting.
What personality trait appears to be related to the likelihood of developing anxiety disorders?
What might cause DID?
severe emotional trauma that occurred during childhood. critics believe that people make up personalities to use mental illness as an excuse for their personal failings.
What are some common mood disorders?
major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder.
What are some characteristics of major depressive disorder?
negative emotions, giving up activities that were once enjoyed, reduced appetite, insomnia, lack of energy, anxiety, irritability, and a feeling of worthlessness.
Can genetic factors infulence the likelihood of developing a mood disorder?
yes, environmental factors probably determine whether this predisposition is converted into and actual disorder.
Correlations have been found between mood disorders and the activity of two __________ in the brain.
How do people's cognitive reactions to the events in their lives contribute to developing a mood disorder?
people who attribute their setbacks to their personal flaws instead of situation factors, people who have high stress and low self-esteem, may be more likely of developing a mood disorder.
There are correlations between poor _____ skills and depression.
Depressed people have fewer sources of ____ support.
There are correlations between poor _____ skills and depression.
Depressed people often have fewer sources of ____ support.
What is the relationship between stress and mood disorders?
There is a moderately strong link between stress and the onset of mood disorders, It also affects how people with MD respond to treatment and whether they experience a relapse in the disorder.
What are some symptoms and characteristics of schizophrenia?
irrational thought, deterioration of adaptive behavior, distorted perception, and disturbed emotion.
Can hereditary factors play a role in the development of schizophrenia?
yes, a child born to two schizophrenic parents has about a 46% probablility rate of developing schizophrenia.
Excess ______ activity in the brain has been implicated as a possible cause of schizophrenia.
Many bizarre aspects of schizophrenia may be due mainly to an inability to filter out unimportant _______.
What is the neurodevelopmental hypothesis?
schizophrenia is caused in part by various disruptions in the normal maturation processes of the brain before or at birth. Viral infections or malnutrition during prenatal development and obstetrical complications during the birth process.
In felony cases the insanity defense is used less than _%.
People are subject to involunary commitment when it is believed that a mental disorder makes them:
(1) dangerous to themselves (2) dangerous to others, or (3) in need of treatment.