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What led to the development of the biopsychosocial model?
It's a result of the changing patterns of illness. The principal threats to health used to be contagious diseases and now they are chronic diseases.
What are the 4 major types of stress?
frustration, conflict, change, and pressure.
What kinds of reactions to stress to people exhibit?
emotional, physiological, and behavioral responses.
What are emotional responses to stress?
-annoyance, anger, rage
-apprehension, anxiety, fear
-dejection, sadness, and grief
What are physiological responses?
The physical effects that stress creates.
What are behavioral responses caused by stress?
Coping, striking out at others, indulging oneself, defensive coping, constructive coping.
What levels of emotional arousal seem to be optimal for performing well on tasks?
A relatively low level of arousal
How does the inverted-U hypothesis help us understand how emotional arousal may impact coping?
It predicts that task performance should improve with increased emotional arousal--up to a point, after which further increases in arousal become disruptive and performance deteriorates.
What is alarm reaction in the general adaptation syndrome?
It occurs when an organism first recognizes the exsistance of a threat--fight or flight response.
What is the stage of resistance in the general adaptation syndrome?
Physiological changes stabilize as coping efforts get under way. Organism becomes accustomed to the threat.
What is the stage of exhaustion in the general adaptation syndrome?
The body's resources for fighting stress may be depleated, and physiological arousal will decrease.
Is type A or type B personality more likely to be associated with negative health consequences? Why?
Type A
-they exhibit greater physiological reactivity-ups and downs in heart rate and blood pressure.
-they create more stress for themselves than others do.
-they ted to have less social support than others.
-they exhibit health habits that may contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease.
What kinds of human behaviors contribute to health problems?
Poor nutritional habits, lack of exersize, and behavior and AIDS.
What kinds of strategies could a person use to cope with stress?
use humor, release pent-up emotions, learn to relax, and exersize.