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A pattern of physical and psychological dysfunctions in response to continuous stressors.
diseases of adaptation
Illnesses caused or worsened by stressors.
general adaptation syndrome (GAS)
A three-stage pattern of responses triggered by the effort to adapt to stressors.
health care psychology (health psychology)
A field focused on understanding how psychological factors affect health and illness and which interventions help maintain health and combat illness.
health promotion
The process of altering or eliminating behaviors that pose risks to health and, at the same time, fostering healthier behavior patterns.
immune system
The body’s first line of defense against invading substances and microorganisms.
posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
A pattern of adverse reactions following a traumatic event, commonly involving reexperiencing the event through nightmares or vivid memories.
The field that examines the interaction of psychological and physiological processes affecting the body’s ability to defend itself against disease.
social support
The friends and social contacts on whom one can depend for help and support.
The process of adjusting to circumstances that disrupt or threaten to disrupt a person’s daily functioning.
stress Reactions
Physical and psychological responses to stressors.
Events or situations to which people must adjust.