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Carry information towards a structure.
Carry information away from a structure.
A neuron whose anatomy is within a specific brain area.
Bundles of mylinated axons that is carrying information from one area to another in the brain.
Gray matter
Clusters of cell bodies and dendrites.
Gray Matter
What are the disadvantages of the Blood-brain barrier?
1. not being able to get drugs into the brain to help it.
2. not being able to increase the brains energy
always open, ions can easily move in and out.
passive ion channels
open at a specific membrane potential.
Voltage dependent (or gated) ion channels
Differential distribution of ions across the membrane, due to the selective permeability of the membrane to ions through passive channels and Na and K pump.
concentration gradient
What are the advantages and disadvantages of resting potential?
adv.- ready to send signals quickly
disadv.-takes a lot of energy
At or above threshold, you will always get an action potential that looks and acts the same.
All or None Law
A drug that increases or mimics neurotransmiter effects.
Drugs that block neurotransmitter effects.