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experimental method
researdcher randomly assigns participants in different conditions and ensures these conditions are identical except for the independent variable
independent variable
variable researcher changes or varies to see if it has an effect on a variable
dependendent variable
researcher measures to see if it is influenced by independent
random assignment
procedure ensures every participant has an equal chance of being in any of the experimental conditions
internal validity
ensure nothing else besides the independent variable will affect the dependant variable, ensured by random assignment
external validity
extent to which the results of a study can be generalized to other situations and other people
correlational method
two or more variables measured and the relationship between them is assessed
Pos. correlation
increase value of one variable associated with increase in another
neg. correlation
increase in value of one variable associated with a decrease in another
correlation bad effects
correlation does not equal causation
excitatory messaging
impulses that will cause the neuron to fire/generate action potential
inhibitory messaging
impulses that do not fire
lock and key mechanism
only specific receptor site recieves specific neurotransmitters
mimics neurotransmitter
spider venom, sends excitatl effec, over firing, mimic effect
block particular transmitters
curare, blocks ability to bind to receptor site, paralyzation
body natural pain killers, neurotransmitters
agonist for endorphines, make feel no pain
selective saratonien reuptake inhibitors
prosac, blocks reuptak, makes saratonien flow into synapse gap
primitive life support function, back of brain;connects to spinal chord
brain's sensory switchboard, sweet/soar, light/dark
controls heartbeat and breathing
coordinates voluntary movement, if damaged may cause inbalance
limbic system
motivation, emotion, basic learning, memory
hunger, thirst, sexual behavior, pleasure center of brain
aggression and fear, same structure but incharge of oppisite feelings
explicit memory center
cerebral cortex
frontal lobe-speech production
temporal-hearing/speech production
Broca's area
controls speech muscles via the motor cortex, TA-man, could speak one word, hum, can write responses
Wernika's Area
interprets auditory code, grumble of words come out, know what to say but changes when start to talk
left and right, control opposite part of body
cut at the corpse callosum
causes there to be no communication between hemispheres, split brain patient experiments
left-lang.speech, reading
right-nonverbal, recognization
stoop effect
color difference: Brown, inability to turn off automatic processing
Automatic processing
process of information with minimal conscious awareness, Ex. drive car and talk, and drink...,
can not turn off
Controlled processing
process information at relatively high levels of consious awareness
why sleep
-general recuperation
-growth process
-info. processing
-rem rebound-spend tramendous tim in rem if deprived it
trouble going to sleep
irresistable and sudden attacks of rem sleep during day
sleep apnea
change from wakefulness to sleep, causes the central nervous system to stop functioning, when do fall asleep constantly awake from not breathing
sleep walking
occur during deep sleep stage 4
lucid dreaming
aware dreaming, may be able to control, can train self
dream theory: wishfulfillment (freud)
people are unsconsiously motivated to satisfy sexual and aggressive drives, dreams are disguised, symbolic meaning, deep meaning
manifest content
dream we remember
underlying urges,conflict, needs that give rise to the dream
dream theory:Activation-synthesis theory
random neural signals fire in brain...., no symbolism