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To determine whether certain characteristics are true of people in general and not just of people with mental disorders, it is important to use
a control group
Which parental style is characterized by warmth, control, and communication?
Tracy and Shahid are both 3 months old. Tracy is highly active, easily irritated, and cries easily. Shahid is quiet, adapts easily to change, and seems fearless. These differences illustrate
differences in temperament
Cross-cultural research on stress demonstrates that
responses to stress vary cross-culturally
Which one of the following is credited with developing a classification system for mental disorders?
One of Aristotle's major contributions to psychology was
his description of consciousness
_______________ is a necessary first step toward introducing order to any discussion of the cause or treatment of abnormal behavior.
Which of the following most accurately describes the notion of different viewpoints of abnormal behavior?
Each viewpoint offers its own explanation of abnormal behavior
Dorothea Dix
is credited with establishing numerous humane mental hospitals in many countries
Which of the following is an example of a nonshared environmental influence?
Sibling rivalry
A major findin from the National Cormobidity Survey (NCS) was that
over half of the people with a history of one serious disorder had two or more comorid disorders
Exorcism is
a religious rite that is no longer used for the treatment of psychological problems
The physicians of the Nancy School
demonstrated the power of suggestion
The Nancy School/Charcot debate is best described as one that focuses on
psychology vs. biology
Why was malarial therapy effective in treating general paresis?
The fever that was induced killed off the cause of the observed symptoms.
The moral management treatment
focused on the moral and spiritual development of mental patients rather than their disorder.
Ian was predisposed to being very aggressive with his peers in school, who responded by rejecting him. Later in life Ian began to associate with other aggressive youth and to participate in a variety of delinquent behaviors. This is an example of
the way the genotype may shape the phenotype
Dr. Katz is researching the causes of phobias. He puts an ad in the newspaper asking for people who have an intense, distressing fear of snakes to come and participate in his study. The major problem with this is
he is not getting a representative sample
The first classification of mental disorders involved
recognizing symptoms that occurred together often enough to be regarded as type of mental disorder
It is a hot day and a child sprays you with a garden hose. You might react with amusement (and even thanks!) or considerable anger. The fact that one event can be interpreted in different ways is central to the _________ approach to therapy.
A(n) _____ serves to guide our processing of information and may serve to distort memories
Highly coordinated children are picked out at an early age by coaches and given special opportunities to excel at sports. Extraverted children seek out social situations and become unusually comfortable with strangers. Both of the phenomena illustrate
genotype-environment correlations
Which of the following would be characteristic of the treatment provided by the first mental hospitals or sanatoria used by the Romans and Greeks?
Warm baths and massages
Comorbidity means
that a person has two or more disorders
Ideally, a sample is described as what?
When examining heredity, mental disorders are almost always
influenced by multiple genes
Etiology is
the causal pattern of a disorder
Elements of Abnormality
Suffering, Maladaptiveness, Deviancy, Violation of the standards of society, social discomfort, irrationality and unpredictability
Clinically Significant
associated with distress or disability; considered to reflect behavioral, psychological, or biological dysfunction in the individual