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What is psychoanalysis?
Freud's term for his theory of personality and his therapy for treating psychological disorders
What is conscious?
thoughts, feelings, sensations, or memories of which a person is aware at any given moment
What is preconscious?
thoughts, feelings, and memories that a person is not consciously aware of at the moment but that may be easily brought to consciousness
What is unconscious?
for freud, the primary motivating force of human behavior, containing repressed memories as well as instincts, wishes and desires that have never been conscious
What is Id?
the unconscious system of the personality, which contains the life and death instincts and operates on the pleasure principle; source of the libido
what is ego?
If Freud's theory, the logicla, rational, largely conscious system of personality, which operates according to the reality principle.
what is sublimation?
a defense mechanism in which one rechannels sexual or aggresive energy into pursuits or accomplishments that society considers acceptable or admirable
What is psychosxual stages?
a series of stages through which the sexual instinct develops; each stage is defined by an erogenous zone around which conflict arises
what is fixation?
arrested development at a psychosexual stage occuring because of excessive gratification or frustration at that stage
What is superego?
the moral system of the personality, which consists of the conscience and the ego ideal
What is the defense mechanism?
defend against anxiety and to maintain self-esteem
What is repression?
one involuntarily removes painful or threatening memories, thoughts or perceptions from consciousness or prevents unconscious sexual and agrgressive impulses from breaking into consciousness
one attirubtes one's own undesirable thoughts, impulses, personality traits, or behavior to others or minimizes the undesirable in oneself and exaggerates it in others
one refuses to acknowldege consciously the existence of danger or a threatening condition
supplies logical, rational, or socially acceptable reason rather than the real ereason for an action or event
reverts to a behavior that might have reduced anxiety at an earlier stage of development
reaction formation
expresses exaggerated ideas and emotions that are the opposite of one's disturbing unconscious impulses and desires
substitutes a less threatening object or person for the original object of a sexual or aggressive impulse