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Who was the first modern family therapist?
Who used metaphor reframing interaction fam. rescontructing sculpting, etc
In strategic family therapy are the presenting problems viewed as symptomatic of dysfunction within the family system?
WHo said family constellations were due to birth order?
What is the cornerstone of Bowenian family therapy?
DIfferentiation of self
Who refined Adler's concepts into typology of mistaken goals and organized approach to family therapy?
What is the result of rigid boundaries?
What does reframing do?
casts a new light on a problem and provides a different interperetation for the problem.
What therapy uses directives and paradoxical procedures?
Strategic therapy
What was bowens major contribution?
differentiation of self
what does a genogram do in therapy?
collects info an oragnizes it into a 3 generation model.
Key role of therapist in family therapy?
to be a teacher/model/coach/ and consultant
WHat technique does strategic therapy most likely use?
family sculpting
Triangles can be explained by:
reducing anxiety and emotional tension in relationships
what are some techniques of structural therapy?
joining, accomodating, unbalancing, tracking, and boundaries
What is whitaker's contribution to fam. therapy?
spontaneity, creativity, and play
Is empirical research to evaluate the outcome of therapy a key movement of multilensed therapy?
What kinds of questions are asked from the teleogical lens?
purpose? goals?
Sequence lens questions?
patterns, routines, processes
Bowenian family therapy says:
family is understood when analyzed from a 3-generational prospective
Bowenian family therapy says that unresolved emotional fusion to family must be addressed if:
one hopes to acheive mature/unique personalization
Bowen places emphasis on maintaining ___ in a triangular relationship
what defines the focus of family therapy?
breif, solution-focused, here and now, and action oriented
Driekurs 4 goals of children's misbehavior
attn getting, revenge, power, assued disability
Techniques of ADlerian therapy
problem description, goal identification, typical day, and child interview and goal disclosure
Goals of satir's human validation process model
promote growth, self-esteem, connection, and communication
Bowen stresses ____ more than ____
theory more than technique
Structural therapy uses the technique of ____
Family process makes use of ___ questions
Family therapy uses ______ models of practice
According to haley ____ is more important than ____
techniques are more important than who the therapist is a as a person
In ____ therapy techniques are secondary to client therpist relationship
Gender lens does not make use of
lifestyle assessments
Main focus of family therapy is not on
past conflicts
Jung gve us an understanding of
personality blends
Ob. relations is not
assertive and doesnt invite therapist to ask probing questions