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Let sleeping
dogs lie

Do not provoke
or stir up trouble
with bad people

Empty vessels make
the most noise

Ignorant people with
nothing important to
say speak the most

People who live in glass
houses shouldn't
throw stones

Don't criticize others
faults if you suffer
from them yourself

A rolling stone
gathers no moss

Working hard is the
best prevention of

come off with
flying colours

to get exceptional
results for a kind
of (entrance or
academic) test

Don't count your
chickens before
they hatch

Don't anticipate the
future too much

When the cat's away,
the mice will play

People will take advantage
of someone else's absence
to behave more freely

Strike while the
iron is hot

Take advantage of
an opportunity before
it passes you by

There's no smoke without

Rumours are usually
based on some degree
of truth

Never burn your

Maintain good connections
when you leave an
organization, they'll be
useful someday

A bird in the hand
is worth three in
the bush

One swallow doesn't
make a summer

One positive sign
does not mean all
will be well

You can lead a horse
to water but you can't
make it drink

You can try to persuade
someone, but you can't
force them