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What is Character?
The marking/engraving made my personal qualities. It is the way we are. It can be good or bad, including: upbringing, values, priorities, family, morals influences
The direction one is pointing, or posture, inclination, tendency
What is Friendliness?
Showing an interest in the lives and affairs of others
Withholding wrath from those who deserve it
What is diligence?
Persistent effort
What is it to be Considerate?
To have regard for the needs and feelings of others
Living and acting by a predetermined set of life principals rather than by impulse or feeling; Knowing and doing what you should do, regardless of wether you feel like it
What is Love?
An unselfish, self sacrificing desire to seek God's best (will) for and to meet the needs of the cherished object
What is Joy?
The exultation of my spirit as a result of genuine harmony with God and with men
Realizing God has all I need
What is longsuffering (Patience)?
Steadfastness of soul in every provocation
Expressing personal care (concern) for the heeds of others
Gentleness (Kindness)
Eternal Security:
Once saved, always saved
Unwavering in purpose and goal
What is meekness?
Yielding my rights and expectations to God
What is temperance?
The discipline of the whole life body, soul, and spirit
What is goodness?
The purity of motive which seeks only to please and honor God
What are the Fruit of the spirit?
Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Meekness, Self- Control
What are the works of the flesh (Bad)?
Adultery, Uncleanness, Idolatry, Witchcraft, Hatred, Strife, Murders, Drunkenness, Wrath
What can you tell about a persons.. Mouth & Eyes?
Mouth- Crocked, slang, gossip
Eyes- Winking(lustful, jealous)
What can you tell about a person's Feet and Fingers?
Feet- Speak
Fingers- Teaching
Describe the steps to spiritual DEFEAT.
1. Go where sinners go
2. Waver before the wicked
3. Meddle with flatterers
4. Develop ungodly friendships
5. Become a campanion of wicked
Desbribe the steps to spiritual VICTORY.
1. Walk with the wise
2. Develop friendships with believers; be friendly to unbelievers
3. Ignore flatterers
4. Reprove wickedness
5. Avoid places the wicked frequently visit
Analogy of Wrestlers:
The one that is fed wins
How can we control our thoughts and make them pleasing to God?
Honor God with our whole life and thoughts.. Eliminate bad data, add prper data to our thoughts... Control our thoughts to maek them pleasing to God