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What are the three elements of effective ads?
Strategy, Creativity, Execution
What consumer objectives must be satisfied by an effective ad?
Engage the consumer, by capturing their interest, and holding it long enough to deliver a relevant message.
What are the advertiser's objectives in creating an effective ad?
Change users behavoir, get them try, or continue to use a product.
What is the Model of Key Effects of an effective ad?
Perception, Learning or Persuasion, and Behavoir.
What are the key communication tools in delivering effective ads?
Advertising Media, Public Relations, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, and Direct Marketing.
What are the surrogate Measures of Perception?
Exposure, Attention, Interest, Memory/Recall/Recognition, and Understanding
What are the Surrogate Measures of Learning?
Understanding, Brand/Logo Association.
What are the surrogate Measures of Persuasion?
Attitudes:Form or Change, Perference/Intention, Emotions and Involvement, Conviction: Belief and Commitment
What are Surrogate Measures of Behavoir?
Trial, Purchase, Repeat or Increased Purchase
What is the definition of Advertising?
Advertising is paid nonpersonal communication from an identified sponsor using mass media to persuade or influence an audience.
What are the nine types of advertising?
Brand, Retail or Local, Political, Directory, Direct-Repsonse, Business-to-Business, Institutional, Public Service, and Interactive.
What is Brand Advertising?
Brand advertising focuses on the development of a long-term brand identity and image.
What is Retail or Local Advertising?
In the case of retail advertising, the message announces facts about products that are available in nearby stores. The focus is to generate traffic and create a distinctive image for the retailer.
What is Political Advertising?
Politicians use advertising to persuade people to vote for them or their ideas, so it is an important part of the political process.
What is Directory Advertising?
Advertising of directory where people can refer to it to find out how to buy a product or service.
Direct-Response Advertising.
Advertising that tries to stimulate a sale directly (such as internet ads, and direct mail).
What is Business-to-Business Advertising?
Includes only messages directed at retailers, wholesalerers, and distributors, from industrial purchasers and professional such as layers, physicians, advertisement agencies, etc. to other businesses.
What is Institutional Advertising?
Institutional Advertising is also called corporate advertising. These messages focus on establishing a corporate identity or winning the public over to the organization's point of view.
What is Public Service Advertising?
PSA communicates a message on behalf of some good cause.
What is Interactive Advertising?
Internet advertising, Taste tests, etc.
What are the four roles of advertising?
Marketing, Communication, Economic, and societal.
What is the Marketing Role of Advertising?
Marketing is the process a business uses to satisfy consumer needs and wants through goods and services.
What are the four P's of the marketing mix?
Product, Price, Place, Promotion
What is the Communication Role in advertising?
Advertising is a form of mass communication. Advertising both informs and transforms the product by creating an image that goes beyond straightforward facts.
What is the economic role that advertising plays?
To persuade consumer to (or not to) try something new (usually based upon better price or quality). Also to asses value of what they are using now, and what else is available.
What is the societal role that advertising plays?
Informs us about new and improved products or services.
Follow trends and leads trends.
What are the three functions of advertising?
1. Provides Product and brand information.
2. Provides incentives to take action.
3. Provides reminders and reinforcement.