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Select Project Manager
1. Initiating
Determine company culture and existing systems
2. Initiating
Collect processes, procedures and historical information
3. Initiating
Divide large projects into phases
4. Initiating
Identify stakeholders
5. Initiating
Document business need
6. Initiating
Determine project objectives
7. Initiating
Document assumptions and contraints
8. Initiating
Develop project charter
9. Initiating
Develop preliminary project scope statement
10. Initiating
Determine how you will do plannning -- part of management plans
1. Planning
Create project scope statement
2. Planning
Determine team
3. Planning
Create WBS and WBS dictionary
4. Planning
Create activity list
5. Planning
Create network diagram
6. Planning
Estimate resource requirements
7. Planning
Estimate time and cost
8. Planning
Determine critical path
9. Planning
Develop schedule
10. Planning
Develop budget
11. Planning
Determine quality standards, processes and metrics
12. Planning
Determine roles and responsibilities
13. Planning
Determine communications requirements
14. Planning
Risk identification, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and response planning
15. Planning
Iterations - Go Back
16. Planning
Determine what to purchase
17. Planning
Prepare procurement documents
18. Planning
Finalize the "how to execute and control" aspects of all management plans
19. Planning
Create process improvement plan
20. Planning
Develop final PM plan and performance measurement baselines
21. Planning
Gain formal approval
22. Planning
Hold kickoff meeting
23. Planning
Acquire final team
1. Executing
Execute the PM Plan
2. Executing
Complete product scope
3. Executing
Recommend changes and corrective actions
4. Executing
Send and receive information
5. Executing
Implement approved changes, defect repair, preventive and corrective actions
6. Executing
Continuous improvement
7. Executing
Follow processes
8. Executing
TEam building
9. Executing
Give recognition and rewards
10. Executing
Hold progress meetings
11. Executing
Use work authorization system
12. Executing
Request seller responses
13. Executing
Select sellers
14. Executing
Measure against the performance measurement baselines
1. Monitoring & Controlling
Measure according to the management plans
2. Monitoring & Controlling
Determine variances and if they warrant corrective action or a change
3. Monitoring & Controlling
Scope verification
4. Monitoring & Controlling
Configuration management
5. Monitoring & Controlling
REcommend changes, defect repair, preventive and corrective actions
6. Monitoring & Controlling
Integrated change control
7. Monitoring & Controlling
Approve changes, defect repair, preventive and corrective actions
8. Monitoring & Controlling
Risk audits
9. Monitoring & Controlling
Manage reserves
10. Monitoring & Controlling
Use issue logs
11. Monitoring & Controlling
Facilitate conflict resolution
12. Monitoring & Controlling
Create forecasts
15. Monitoring & Controlling
Measure team member performance
13. Monitoring & Controlling
Report on performance
14. Monitoring & Controlling
Create forecasts
15. Monitoring & Controlling
Administer contracts
16. Monitoring & Controlling
Develop closure procedures
1. Closure
Complete contract closure`
2. Closure
Confirm work is done to requirements
3. Closure
Gain formal acceptance of the product
4. Closure
Final performance reporting
5. Closure
Index and archive records
6. Closure
Update lessons learned knowledge base
7. Closure
Hand off completed product
8. Closure
Release resources
9. Closure