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What are some examples of fundamental measurements?
Mass, and temperature
What are some examples of derived measurements?
Speed; distance divided by time
What is a scalar quantity?
Quantity that has only magnitude. An example is density, volume and mass
What is a vector quantity?
Quantity that has a magnitude AND direction. Wxamples inlude Force, velocity and acceleration
What is rate?
Distance like quantity divided by time
What is the mechanical rate formula (speed) and units?
Speed = distance/time. The units are mi/hr ; ft/sec ; m/s ; km/s
What is the rotary rate formula and units?
w = q/t. The units are rad/sec
What is the linear acceleration formula and units?
a = Vf-Vi/t. The units are m/s2 ; ft/s2
What is the rotary acceleration formula and units?
µ = Wf-Wi/t. The units are rad/s2
What is the volume flow rate formula and units?
Qv = V/t. the units gal/min
What is the mass flow rate formula and units?
Qm = m/t. the units kg/hr
What is the heat flow rate formula and units?
Qh = h/t. the units are cal/sec ; J/h ; Btu/hr
What is the electric flow rate formula and units?
Qe = q/t the units are 1 Amp= 1 c/s = 6.25 x 10^18 elec/sec
What is wieght?
Fw = mass x gravitation constant (9.8m/s2) kg/m = N