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According to some scientists, the Earth's average surface temperature is rising as a result of the greenhouse effect. An increase in the atmospheric concentration of which of the following gases is considered to be primarily responsible?
D. Carbon Dioxide
A. Nitrogen
B. Oxygen
C. Sulfur dioxide
D. Carbon dioxide
Finding that a solution conducts an electric current shows conclusively that the solution
D. Contains ions
A. has a high boiling point
B. contains molecules
C. is a good oxidizing agent
D. contains ions
Some substances have no noticeable odor because these substances
C. Have relatively few molecules escaping into the air.
A. are soluble in water
B. cannot lose the heat that must be lost before an odor can be detected
C. have relatively few molecules escaping into the air
D. do not have molecules with one of the two molecular arrangements required to give an odor