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IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1997 - PL 105-17) consits of four categories which include.....
A: General Provisions
B: Assistance for the Education of All Children with Disabilities ({pre}school age and up)
C: Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities
D: National Activities to Improve the Education of Children with Disabilities (school program)
IDEA (Public Law number)
Individuals with Disabilities Act (PL: 105-17)
Least Restrictive Environment
Free Appropriate Public Education
PL: 105-17 includes two components which include...
LRE (least restrictive environment) and FAPE (free appropriate public education)
Transition Plan enacted for who?
14 and up, and all students to legally get ready for life in the real world.
Physical Accommodations for children include:
1. Post schedules on board
2. Post classroom rules
3. Close seating to teacher
4. Color codes
5. Organize
6. "Time-out" spot
7. Quiet area for study
8. Hands-on/reading/listening centers
Instructional Accommodations include:
Directions in Written Form:
Individualize Homework Assignments:
Use Technological Learning-Aid:
Modified Testing:
1. Oral directions clear and simple
2. Give examples
3. Make eye contact
4. Demonstrate

D in WF:
1. Board
2. Worksheet
3. Assignment book

In Hmwk Assgn:
1. Fewer
2. Break down into sections
3. Extended time (days)
4. Alternative assessments
5. Extra set of texts at home

Use Tech Learning-Aid:
1. Tape recorders
2. Computers
3. Multi-sensory manipul.

Modified Testing:
1. Small group
2. Extended time
Behavioral Accommodations include:
Use + reinforcement.
Be consistent.
Specific Goals and Incentives.
Communicate with Parents
Definition of a Learning Disability:
LD is a hidden handicap. It is a disorder that affects people's ability to either interpret what they see and hear or to link info from different parts of the brain.
SLD limitations may show up in the following ways... (4)
1. specific disabilities with spoken and written language
2. coordination
3. Self-control
4. Attention
What book includes the definition of each disability?
DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)
What three broad categories does LD encompass?
1. Developmental speech and language disorders
2. Academic skills disorders
3. "Other": a catch-all
Developmental Speech and Language Disorders is split into three categories...what are they?
1. Difficulty producing speech sounds.
2. Using spoken language to communicate.
3. Understanding what people say.
Specific diagnosis of Developmental Speech and Language Disorders are:

(with definition and example)
1. Developmental Articulation Disorder: have trouble controlling their rate of speech. "wabbit" for "rabbit" "thwim" for "swim".
2. Developmental Expressive Language Disorder: Children have trouble expressing themselves in speech (using wrong names for things or people).
3. Developmental Receptive Language Disorder: Children have trouble understanding certain aspects of speech.