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America is a troubling and promising idea to the outsider
democratic capitalism
designed to produce political fairness and equality in attaining wealth through equal chances given to all
democratic socialism
designed to produce political fairness and equality in attaining wealth through government sponsored equalization
property based
ownership = greater amounts of capital
Halliburton execs
example of those who earned wealth, then economic and political power, then abused political power
politically abusive
using inside connections to achieve objectives solely for personal gain
higher standard of living
freedom, flexibility, property ownership, individualism
democratic - egalitarian ends
the desire for everyone to have equal access to wealth and political contact
procedurally democratic
every vote is counted, checks and balances are in place
fair-minded (elections)
not the case: money and power win in elections
what have you done for me lately
people who donate money for an election victory expect to be repaid with political favors once the office is held
economic disparity
the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
immigrant country
we accept a new, standard-meeting citizen as “an American,” other countries do not
6 in 10 Americans regularly attend church
separation of church and state;
keeping religion out of politics is important in our culture
five elements of American ideology
individualism, freedom, equality, private property, democracy
ones rights. Depends on wealth and access
opportunity to make choices with a minimum of government restraint, relies on wealth and access
intrinsic worth of each person. Where one has been matters less than where one is going
private property
primary way for an American to define his/herself. Relies on wealth and access
system of political decision making. Speaks of opportunity, individualism, freedom, equality, and access to a better life. Relies on wealth.
two ideological blindspots
87,525 governmental units & Federalism
87,525 governmental units
too much bureaucracy
two governing bodies govern the same people
a certain intolerance
ex: House Committee on Un-American Activities.
American insularity
(isolated) American culture cares about little else than what is going on immediately around them
95 percent
in post 9/11 times, America has ignored the other 95% of the world
Christianity & Islam
surpassed in the 20th century by economic growth
economic growth
best method for clashing societies to remedy the situation. More equal distribution of wealth
American idea
the idea that each and every person has the ability to achieve whatever he or she wants for his/herself
classical liberalism
freedom of the individual from interference by the state, toleration by the state in matters of morality and religion, hands off style of government, allowing capitalistic society to perpetuate
advances ideas surrounding the preservation of established traditions or institutions
protection, preservation, replenishment and prudent use of natural resources
opposition to government intervention in both economic and social spheres of American life
adhere to traditional values, but advocate government support for providing economic security – a safety net
oppose an activist role for governments in providing economic benefits, but support government upholding traditional social values
rule by an individual whose claim to his/her power is supported by subordinates
(liberalism) advocated government programs for the welfare of individuals. Aimed for the collective good of society, not egalitarianism.
what does the state owe taxpayer citizens?
A safety net if capitalistic ideals fail to bring benefits
what do citizens owe the state?
Citizens pay into social security and other government programs
democrats reign of power in the U.S. Congress ended
requires compromises and sacrifice
compromises & sacrifice
must happen for consensus
the opportunity society
one that provides all citizens with economic mobility and freedom
follows secular culture. Authoritarian – promotes authorities
secular culture
not religious
promoted by religion and secular culture, better at ruling than the masses
power (where is it found? 3 places.)
found in private capital, government largess and democracy
private capital
corporations, boards of directors; money/power held by
government largess
government handouts and programs
power exercised by the citizens
democracy most fragile
corporations are strong, can evade. Government programs perpetuate, democracy struggles and suffers throughout
chase truths
the trying of a citizen to find what they truly believe when presented with all of the facts
ignorance becomes defensive, then turns to an arrogance of not knowing what to believe about issues of war and peace
costly in the long term, prevalent in government
sacrifice for the greater good
i.e. less spending in the current to allow for a more prosperous society later
liberal; shares power
conservative; limits the sharing of power
conservative thought is rooted in the bible. “violence begets more violence”
bullies bully
United States will throw it’s weight around until stopped by others
life is too short
reconstruction is difficult
repressive political systems
The Baath Party
three challenges for the US
1. US citizenry must learn to accept the irrational. 2. what did we, the US contribute to our own demise? (are we our own worst enemy?) 3. The US does not like long term commitments, reconstruction is long term. Multilateral/international solutions are needed.
war gets attention. Other forms of politics must be present.