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What is article IV section 1 of the constitution?
Full Faith and Credit
What is full faith and credit?
States must recognize other states laws (ex. if you get married in Texas, Oklahoma must recognize the marriage)
What is article IV section 2 of the constitution?
Citizen rights are the same in all states (ex. if you commit a crime in one state and go to another state, they must send you back to face justice)
What is article IV section 3 of the constitution?
Only congress can admit new states, dispose of property, and is the state legislature for all protectorates
What is article IV section 4 of the constitution?
States are guaranteed a republic form of government
What is the purpose of article V of the constitution?
To propose new amendments to the constitution
What must congress do to propose an amendment?
Must have 2/3 votes of the Senate and 2/3 votes of the house to propose an amendment
What do the states have to do to propose an an amendment?
Must have 2/3 of the state legislatures apply to form a constitutional convention
What must congress do to ratify an amendment?
Must have 3/4 fo the state legislatures or 3/4 approval of the state conventions
What is article VI section 1 of the constitution?
Debts before the constitution are valid after the constitution
What is article VI section 2 of the constitution?
The Supremecy Clause, means US constitution and US statutory laws and treaties are supreme to all states and local government.
What is article VI secftion 3 of the constitution?
All goverment employees (national, state, & local) must take an oath to support the constitution and no religious test can be required.
What is article VII of the constitution?
established method to ratify original 7 articles
What was needed to ratify the original 7 articles?
9 or 13 states must ratify (approve) them
When was the beginning of the US and George Washington inaugurated?
April 30, 1789