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List of purposes
-Why we are writing this document

Reasons to form a more perfect union:
-To establish justice
-Insure domestic tranquility
-Provide for a common defense
-Promote the general welfare
-Secure the blessing of liberty to us
Article 1
Legislative Branch & Powers

Secion 1: Powers- more power for the legislative branch

House of Reps= 2 years
Senate= 6 years
Article 2
Executive Branch & Powers
-Requirements to become president
Article 3
Judicial Powers & Branch
-Tries to create and independent judiciary
Article 4
Interstate relations

-How states get along with national government
-How states get along with each other
Article 5
Amendment Process
-Propose, ratify
-2/3 have to propose
-3/4 have to ratify
Article 6
"Supreme Law of the Land"
If the state law conflicts with the national law, this one always overpowers
Article 7
Ratification Process
-9 states required to ratify