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The Bonus arm of WW1 veterns was dispersed by
Gen Douglas Macarthur
successful sperarits violence was demostrated by the
Bengalis of Pakistan
Ted Robert Gurr believes people revolt out of a sense of
relative depression
Crane brinton depicted revolutions as
passing through stages
Hannah Ardent thought the amwerican revolution ended well becuase it didnt have to face
the poverty question
The twenteeth century has ----- examples of revolutions that ended well
the biggest distinct between international and domestic politics is that
the former is among states, latter within them
Power is
not the same as foce and harder to calculate
The erosion of ____ usually signals system breakdown
At the 1968 Democratic Convention Protestors oppsed
The Vietnam War
in 1989 ____ had the bloodist anti- comunist uprisind
The revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara was educated as a
According to Crane Brinton, Which sequence of revolutionary stages is correct
Moderates extremist thermodors
The greatest bloodshed since WWII came in
Reforms to head off revolution are difficult to carry out because
rulers fear loss of wealth and power
Examples in soverinty in action include
western europeans ignoring us pleas to not sell out russia
micro approaches to the cause of war woudl include
the study of humans as naked apes
the tendancy for conflits to become more intense is called
a miltary take over of goverment is called
About____ percent of South Americas population is black.
MIlitary coups have brought blood shed to all but
Guerrilla is simply spanish for
Little war
Thermidor in Brinton's usage indicates
a calming down after a revolutionary high
Revolutionary Idealism was most popular in the
the ouster of Czechoslovakia's Communist Regime in 1989 was called the
Velvet Revolution
Si vis pacem bellum is latin
If you want peace prepare for war
Power is said to have been in rough balance during two great epochs that bean with
1648 Peace of Westphalia and the defeat of Naploean
A big war with a decisive outcome
establishes a clear hearchy for power
Kissingers Absoulte security for one power means absoulty insecurity for all other best describes
an arms race
a treaty binding all nations to gang up on an aggressor is called
collective security
THe idea that international cooperation in specialized areas will spill over into general cooperation is called
the indicator of a real revolution
elite replacment
Major violence is most likely in ____ countires
Tocqueville argued that revolution is more likely when the economy is
Bernard fall stressed _____ as the crux of revolutionary political warfare.
according to Hannah Ardent the one example of a successful revoltion was the
Latin america's biggest revolutionary armies are in
A ---- is bassed on logic rather than on data.
skilled practitioners of domestic politics are
often bad at international politics, for the skills are much the same
The UN's Ralph Bunche helped to settle the
Arab-Isereal War in 1949
The cold war started
after WWII
Economic aid for war-torn europe was the aim of the
Marshall Plan
The aurthor of the Contanment document was
Nuclear deterrance
did not break down
The crux of deterance is credible ____ capability
first strike
The cuban missile crisis came in
to counter soviet missles in cuba, Kennedy
never intended to attack cuba
A national interest a country may compromise on is called
It turned out that the cuban missle crises was
very dangerous becuase soviet nuclear warhead were in cuba
Gorbachev's cheif motive for arms deals seems to have been
In 1987 the US and the Soviet Union Agreed to destroy their
intermeddiate-range nuclear forces
Historian Paul Kennedy advanced a theroy of
imperial overstretch
a model is
a theoery of how the world works
which global system characterized the ninteenth century
balance of power
The interwar (1919-1939) ssytem
was inherently unstable
The world divided into two camps was called
The US containment doctrine lasted about ____ decades
Which global system might characterize the 1990's
balance of power
in the 1991 gulf war some saw a ____ model emerging
The weak spot of a multipolar model is likeyl to be
economic compretition that turn protectionist
a cross between unipolar and multipolar models would be a _____ model
All below except ___ would be a zone of choas
Russia joining with china to oppse the US would produce a _____ model
Make monet not war is a motto of a ____ system
As china ot richer it
Claimed territories more assertivley
Especially favoring globalization are the
transnational corporations
the culture of globalization is heavily
Us and capitialistic
The 1991 persian gulf war might be the firxst example of a .
resource war
According to Huntington ___ civilization clashes with most of its neighboors
Which adapted quickly to democracy and a market economy
Hungtington calles two countries that hold two civilizations
Huntington calls countries with westernized elites but tradtional masses
Now _____ tries to make world trade freer and more open
Not sending Us Tropps abroad is a policy of
US public opinion got burned when US soldiers died in
The ninteenth Century balance of power system decayed with the arrival of two new majro players
Gernmany and Japan
_____ means taking a theory as reality
Relationships between two countires are called